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Our focus

Trust the professionals at North Dakota School of Real Estate to get you started properly. Our 45-hour class satisfies the State pre-license education requirements.
Solid, relevant, engaging

The North Dakota School of Real Estate was founded solely to give candidates for licensure the most solid, relevant and engaging education possible. We are real estate professionals who’ve seen the ups and downs of the market, and also witnessed what happens when agents are unprepared for the unpredictability of the marketplace.

This is serious business

The real estate business isn’t just opening a door and writing offers; in many instances, a licensee is involved with a family’s single biggest investment. Both buyers and owners will entrust this process to you and they deserve the most skilled, best-equipped expert in the marketplace.

That is precisely our aim:

To prepare you to be the best. We’ll introduce legal and ethical concepts and then delve deeply into how the industry operates. We’ll stress how professionalism is important and why the highest ethical standards are necessary for success. Our aim is to not only satisfy the pre-license education requirement but to give you the tools to enter the industry with dignity and respect.

Start your path to a professional real estate career today.

The Real estate industry is no place for amateurs

You need and deserve top-notch instruction

Here's a note from one of our graduates; we can't thank him enough: "I have to tell you that honestly you were one of the best instructors, if not THE best instructor, I have had in many years and many classes. You kept the class interesting with real life examples mixed with jokes appropriately mixed in. It wasn't just someone reading off of slides which will put a person to sleep real fast. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into preparing and organizing the class. Giving up two straight weekends to take a class is typically not fun but I truly enjoyed it."

  • Experience

    Over 50 years in the business

  • Relevance

    See how the text translates to the street

  • Engagement

    Interact with your instructors.

  • rewarding

    This will be the most engaging course you've ever attended.

Our Team

Our founders — and chief instructors — bring their real world industry experience to the classroom, over 50 years worth. In addition to teaching from Modern Real Estate Practice (19th Edition Update), we offer our own insights through our exclusive texts and presentations.
Mike Meyer
Mike Meyer
Course coordinator
in his third decade in real estate and has become known as a high-level presenter and communicator. His lively presentations regularly are ranked as ‘engaging’ and ‘highly relevant’. He’s applied a professional approach to residential sales as well as to development and commercial aspects of real estate.
Randy Schwartz
Randy Schwartz
has been an active real estate agent since 1982, a broker since 2001 and owner of a brokerage firm since 2002. He is one of the state’s most renowned experts on brokerage operations and real estate ethics. He has served the industry at local, state and national levels, always striving to develop and maintain the highest form of professionalism among real estate practitioners.

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